It’s time to flip the reigns and have some ladies take the wheel! The Better Half Dash is scheduled for Oct. 8! This race is the opportunity for the women who are usually in the background to enter the spotlight. The proceeds of the race will go to Motor Racing Outreach, a non-denominational Christian organization that serves NASCAR and other forms of motor sports across the United States.  Eleven women of NASCAR will compete for the chance to win a trophy and $5,000 to the charity of their choice. Shannon Koch is one of those women. Take a look at what she has to say about the upcoming race!

Q: What about this race are you most excited for?

A: I’m definitely excited. It’s fun, but I’m 100 percent nervous! I did it the very first year and one of the other wives got hurt, and two years ago another driver flipped the car. I just do not want to get hurt, but it’s so crazy how competitive we all actually are.


Q:  What is your favorite part of taking the track?

A:  My favorite of the event is just helping out MRO. They’re a huge part of our family, well, they are our family away from home. They do so much for our family so I love that I get to help them out.


Q: How do you train and prepare for this?

A: We’ve had two practices so far. We’ll get one more practice before we qualify. Just getting a feel for the car. And Blake of course is my coach and spotter. He helps me get comfortable in my car. Because I am so nervous and have never put on that much gear, I do practice getting in and out of my car in a hurry just in case something happens.


Q: What are you going to do differently this year vs. the first time you raced?

A: Hopefully not wrecking! Definitely finishing all of the laps is the plan, and getting my nerves down is my number one goal.


Q: Who’s going to be cheering you on?

A: My in-laws will be there and my kids and our neighbors will be there too. I’m really excited about that!


Q: What made you decide to race this year?

A: Blake definitely talked me into it and also Matt Kaulig (LeafFilter CEO) was really excited about it!


The Better Half Dash will take place Thursday Oct. 8 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. To learn more about the sponsor for the #8 car visit

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